Safety at Work

In particular, employees at fabrication facilities may be exposed to high noise exposure levels. Even before installation of new production facilities, we advise our clients in respect of the optimal acoustic environment in order to ensure the health and safety of employees. In addition to a systematic inventory and description of the work place sound pressure levels at workstations which can be measured or predicted, the noise exposure levels at workplaces can be calculated and documented in an occupational noise exposure register.

Our service includes:

  • Forecast calculations of acoustic emission and exposure
  • Development of occupational noise exposure register.
  • Expert report for planning permission
  • Acoustical design of production facilities
  • Developing noise abatement programs
  • Dimensioning of the noise protection measures (e.g. modification of facilities, part-encapsulation, insulation etc)
  • Preparation of contract specifications (e.g. for aggregates, components, soundproofing etc).