Air pollution control

As consultants in the field of air pollution control we provide expert reports on air quality for local authorities and the private sector. We use established state of the art immission forecast models and assess the results according to the regulations and directives that are applicable to the specific task. We calculate the dispersion and immission of air pollutants for a wide range of cases, which can be small scale tasks (e. g. immissions in a street canyon) to largely scaled regional evaluations (e. g. immissions from aircraft). In our analysis we can focus on various classes of pollutants, such as fine dust, gases and odor.


  • Construction and expansion of industrial plants
  • New development of residential and industrial areas in the vicinity of emission sources from traffic or industry
  • Planning of roads, rail roads and airports

Our services include:

  • Immission forecast and stack height calculations
  • Odor immission prognosis
  • Calculation of emissions and immissions from road, rail road and air traffic
  • Establishment of air quality plans, where applicable in combination with noise action plans
  • Emission and immission forecast during operation of a construction site